Privacy Policy for Countless

Countless (the Game) is a game powered by Unity Game Engine, and specifically, uses Unity Analytics to collect some usage data and Unity Ads to serve rewarded ads. Both Unity Analytics and Unity Ads (the Tools) collect some data. Some information of interest for you as a player about the collected data:

  • It includes device information (like IP addresses and device identifiers) that are not accessible to the game developer and are just used by the Tools for them to properly function.
  • It includes some events or actions taken by you while using the Game, which help the developer understand the general usage of the Game for all players in order to further improve the player experience.
  • It includes your interactions with ads.
  • In any case, the information accessible to the game developer does not allow to identify any specific player.
  • You can opt-out from data collection for ads at any time, by tapping the i button in the ads interface.

For more details on the kind of information that is collected, and the choices you have regarding this data collection, please refer to Unity Privacy Policy, more specifically these sections:

  • I play a game that uses Unity Analytics of deltaDNA, what do I need to know?
  • I received an ad from Unity Ads, what do I need to know?
  • Do I have any choices regarding the data collection described above if I do not wish to see personalized ads?

Please note that the game developer does not retain any of this information outside Unity Analytics / Unity Ads servers whatsoever, and the applied data retention policy is exclusively the one from those Tools, that you can read in the document linked above.

Should you have any concerns or doubts, please use the Contact form and I will reply as soon as I can.