Countless v2.0: a big update


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Over 5 months after the first release of Countless, a big update, the version 2.0, is available. This new version features lots of additions and improvements:

  • Use shields to protect you against mistakes
  • Collect coins to buy shields and skins
  • Multiple different skins to unlock
  • Fully revised difficulty curve
  • Improved touch response: now you can touch two pieces at the same time
  • Ads are now less annoying and give more rewards
  • Many visual improvements
  • By popular demand, now you can leave the name empty when you make a new record

Countless was born as a simple project with the idea of learning how to use Unity game engine, as well as being able to release a game in a short period of time. There were no plans to expand it very much, and I only planned to maintain it by fixing issues from time to time while I was working on a new project. But once I saw the game actually released and received feedback, I decided I needed to do some important changes, and here they are. Let’s take a detailed look into some of them.

Difficulty Curve

The original difficulty curve was very abrupt. It rapidly reached the most difficult point and stayed there for the rest of the game.

Here you can see how after just a few seconds, the board passes from 2x2 to 4x4 and the time per level is decreased to the minimum
Here you can see how after just a few seconds, the board passes from 2×2 to 4×4 and the time per level is decreased

In order to get a friendlier, more progressive difficulty curve, and at the same time offer a more challenging gameplay to those who manage to reach advanced levels, the progress in the game has been meticulously adjusted.

With the new, adjusted difficulty curve, the board increases its complexity in a much smoother way


The game now allows you to collect two different item types: coins and shields. You can get coins in multiple ways (playing, viewing ads, and even as a gift!). With them, you will be able to buy shields and unlock skins or themes that change the colours in the game. Use the shields when playing to protect you against failures!

Everyday you will get a gift when opening the game


See the icon at the bottom left corner? Touch it to open the shop!


In the shop you will be able to buy stuff using the coins you have earned. You can also get free coins after watching an ad!

Visual Improvements

Many small visual improvements have taken place: more icons and less text, more color variety, and other improvements to make everything more clear.

Some new icons have replaced the old text markers, and a small separation between pieces in 2×2 boards has been added to improve the look and feel


With the new themes you can switch the color scheme to a different one if you have unlocked it


New colours have been added to support the new 5×5 boards as well


Hopefully this update will make the game much more fun and engaging. Are you enjoying it? Do you have anything to suggest or comment? Please leave a comment at the bottom of this post or use the Contact Form.

See you in the leaderboards!

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